Companies use invoice factoring as a method of reducing cash flow problems by accessing money against sums owed on sales invoices. Factoring enables cash to be accessed very quickly, often within 24-hours and is a viable alternative to a company having to increase its overdraft or take out a bank loan. Invoice factoring is offered […]

Invoice financing, whether in the form of invoice discounting or invoice factoring, is a way of increasing a company’s cash flow without incurring more debt. Rather than being forced to extend an overdraft or arrange a loan, both of which are likely to involve significant rates of interest, a company can instead arrange to have […]

Invoice factoring and invoice discounting are ways for a company to raise much needed cash against unpaid invoices. This method of raising finance, provided by brokers such as Touch Financial provides a viable alternative to a company having to extend its overdraft or seek a bank loan in a bid to maintain its cash flow. […]

Three parties are involved in the factoring process: the business owner (you); a broker (such as Touch Financial); and a third party (either an open group or specific, targeted buyers). A factoring broker will provide a bridge between your business and the company that will buy your outstanding invoices, or accounts receivable.  Factoring provides you […]

About 50% of business owners are completely unaware of, or know very little about, specific business finance terms, such as asset based lending, overdrafts and invoice finance.  Considering that these specific expressions define some truly ingenious financing solutions that could help businesses to expand their activities, business people really should try to find out more […]

Invoice financing can be a very effective start up route for businesses which are short on cash.  Invoice financing, also known as debtor finance, is a method of acquiring finance short term.  The process involves hiring a company that will agree to accept the responsibility of business invoices in exchange for money from the invoices.  […]

Anyone looking for information on invoice factoring and discounting should know that the main role of these two forms of invoice finance is to release cash from unpaid invoices.  The most essential aspect regarding invoice finance, however, is that it provides an effective financing solution for four major industries, such as wholesale distribution, recruiting, manufacturing […]

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One of the primary objectives of any company should be to have a cash flow that is constant and in credit.  Companies use cash to buy materials, pay employees and pay shareholders, while customers pay for the company’s products or services in cash. This cash flow cycle is vital for the success of a company. […]

Like all aspects of business finance, it is by no means simple getting your company involved with a lender.  Any company that offers an invoice financing service will want to ensure that it is worth them getting involved.  Fortunately, there are ways that you can set up your finances to ensure that you are the […]

Invoice finance, or factoring, is an option available to businesses to release cash tied up in invoices or receivables.  Although it is often presented as something new and gaining in popularity it has, in fact, been a major part of business credit since the middle ages, developed to meet the needs of merchants whose capital […]