Whether it is machinery for the workshop or equipment for the office, the cost of equipping a business can put an intolerable strain on cash flow.  However, there is a way of solving this problem and it does not involve an overdraft or having to take out a bank loan.  Instead the enterprise can secure […]

Expanding an established small business when economic times are tough can be difficult, but it can also be highly advantageous if done correctly. The trick to doing it successfully is securing adequate capital. If banks are reluctant to lend, investment finance can be a practical solution. Filling a niche When the economy is struggling, the […]

Investment finance is a way of bringing more capital into a business.  With this form of finance, alternatively known as equity finance, a portion of the business is sold off to investors in the form of shares.  The only businesses that can avail themselves of this form of financing are those with limited liability.  This […]

Companies use invoice factoring as a method of reducing cash flow problems by accessing money against sums owed on sales invoices. Factoring enables cash to be accessed very quickly, often within 24-hours and is a viable alternative to a company having to increase its overdraft or take out a bank loan. Invoice factoring is offered […]


Gaining finance to start your own business can be a challenging task especially in today’s economic crisis, but a well written small business plan can be the difference between getting funding and not. A business plan defines your business, what it wants to achieve and how you plan to achieve it. In this article we […]


Any enterprise seeking to raise more capital might consider trying to raise a business loan.  These types of loans might also be considered for those seeking cash to start up a new business. The loans are usually borrowed through the banks or, depending on the type of business, Community Development Finance Institutions.  Loans where investors […]

It has emerged that it is not the health of the Small or Medium Enterprise, its profit record or the business plan presented being as the reason they are being rejected when applying for business finance, but the credit rating of the founder! No one is suggesting that a founder who has had a succession […]

Trading shares for capital can be a practical option for small businesses in need of an immediate term financial boost to keep them ahead of the game. However, it is still an option that many business owners struggle with because of the sentimental weight they naturally attach to a company in which a huge amount […]

Three parties are involved in the factoring process: the business owner (you); a broker (such as Touch Financial); and a third party (either an open group or specific, targeted buyers). A factoring broker will provide a bridge between your business and the company that will buy your outstanding invoices, or accounts receivable.  Factoring provides you […]

Sooner or later, every healthy business acquires debt. This is a natural part of managing trade relationships and does not necessarily need to be a major concern. What can be problematic is badly managed debt. A good debt consolidation arrangement can lower your overheads and free up cash within your business, increasing your trade potential […]