The short answer to this question is: it’s hugely unlikely.  An employer’s insurer pays the compensation sum, not the employer.  Any employer appearing to be taking reprisals against a claimant would almost certainly leave himself open to further legal action. Claimants are advised to seek expert legal advice for their case; if this isn’t provided […]


Car accident compensation is generally dismissed by people who have experienced a small collision. In this case there is no real damage to the vehicle and the driver may only suffer minor whiplash or a couple of bruises. It is true however that specialist companies pay out for a wide range of injuries, from minor […]

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If you are in a position where you were injured at work but don’t know if you have the right to submit a work accident claim, the following are two major things to consider. Is your injury the fault of someone, or something else? If the injury can be directly or indirectly attributed to another […]