Gaining finance to start your own business can be a challenging task especially in today’s economic crisis, but a well written small business plan can be the difference between getting funding and not. A business plan defines your business, what it wants to achieve and how you plan to achieve it. In this article we […]

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If you are keen on Currency trading, It is pretty sure that you will have heard of the thing that the professionals use, automated FX software. You will be able to find plenty of examples of automated FX software, now the FX sector is just as accessible to the small investor as well as the […]


Any enterprise seeking to raise more capital might consider trying to raise a business loan.  These types of loans might also be considered for those seeking cash to start up a new business. The loans are usually borrowed through the banks or, depending on the type of business, Community Development Finance Institutions.  Loans where investors […]

Not only is currency trading decentralised, individual forex investors are able trade around the clock, from just about anywhere they wish, thanks to laptops and smartphones. This means the individual trader should have access to a variety of trading tools if he or she is to be consistently profitable. The very nature of forex trading, […]

Invoice financing, whether in the form of invoice discounting or invoice factoring, is a way of increasing a company’s cash flow without incurring more debt. Rather than being forced to extend an overdraft or arrange a loan, both of which are likely to involve significant rates of interest, a company can instead arrange to have […]