It has emerged that it is not the health of the Small or Medium Enterprise, its profit record or the business plan presented being as the reason they are being rejected when applying for business finance, but the credit rating of the founder! No one is suggesting that a founder who has had a succession […]

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The use of the business card is not something from the dark ages and whatever the size of your business a one man band, or perhaps the owner of an expansive SME, the business card is an important tool. However how does it look is it just old fashioned script or are you one of […]

The world of forex trading can be practically impenetrable for a complete beginner.  The jargon and terminologies alone can be enough to put an individual off trading for life.  Here are some of the key things about forex trading which every beginner should know: It’s all out there! All the information required to become a […]

Trading shares for capital can be a practical option for small businesses in need of an immediate term financial boost to keep them ahead of the game. However, it is still an option that many business owners struggle with because of the sentimental weight they naturally attach to a company in which a huge amount […]

Invoice factoring and invoice discounting are ways for a company to raise much needed cash against unpaid invoices. This method of raising finance, provided by brokers such as Touch Financial provides a viable alternative to a company having to extend its overdraft or seek a bank loan in a bid to maintain its cash flow. […]


Anyone wanting to trade successfully in the foreign currency markets will need to develop a strategy. This will depend on market analysis and there are two types to be considered in the forex market. The first form of analysis used in forex trading is known as technical analysis. This enables the trader to predict movement […]

Decision-making in the currency exchange market is a dish which must be eaten cold.  That is to say, emotional decisions have no place in this arena.  A successful trader will be someone who thinks strategically, is always one step ahead of others and can balance and collate information with ease.  Processing information quickly is another […]