Three parties are involved in the factoring process: the business owner (you); a broker (such as Touch Financial); and a third party (either an open group or specific, targeted buyers). A factoring broker will provide a bridge between your business and the company that will buy your outstanding invoices, or accounts receivable.  Factoring provides you […]

In a report by Lord Young, who is the Prime Minister’s enterprise adviser, he has said that £250bn worth of government contracts and an expansion of the start-up loan scheme for micro businesses, he hopes that this will be welcomed by thousands of the many new firms and will help them get started, whilst at […]

When taking the decision to become involved in the world of forex currency trading, including forex day trading, the majority of online brokers offer the option of using a forex demo account. By taking advantage of one of these accounts the novice investor can trade any forex currency of his or her choice without risking […]

Rentokil has finally disposed of loss making company City Link which ahs plagued the group with losses for a period of seven years and finally sold the parcels delivery business for a nominal £1. The parcel courier has not made a profit for the Rentokil group since 2007 although it was hoped that they would […]

With more and more websites promoting high-frequency trading as the perfect model for the individual forex trader, it is no surprise that even traders who are still learning forex trading believe that they should make numerous small trades in order to make money. The reality is that most professional traders will trade less than the […]

It makes sense for every forex trader to spend some time sourcing a reliable and efficient forex trading platform and the best possible forex trading software; for example, Metatrader. However, if he or she does not have even a basic forex system the fight has been lost before it has even started. So what exactly […]

Sooner or later, every healthy business acquires debt. This is a natural part of managing trade relationships and does not necessarily need to be a major concern. What can be problematic is badly managed debt. A good debt consolidation arrangement can lower your overheads and free up cash within your business, increasing your trade potential […]

If you have a small business, with a turnover under £25m, and limited assets, securing a bank loan when you need one may not always be easy. You could find yourself having to pay a higher rate of interest than a larger company that is able to provide better guarantees. Fortunately, there is a way […]

You may find it easier to release cash from your invoices than you think.  A factoring broker, such as Touch Financial, enables businesses to outsource their invoicing responsibilities, taking the pressure off the business owner so that he or she is able to focus on more pressing matters. The factoring process is a fairly simple […]

Finding a reliable forex data feed is important, as it has a direct influence on your currency trading. If you receive information too late you will not be able to take advantage of it to make decisions that could have resulted in a profit. Information also needs to be of good quality, so having access […]