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Factoring is a variant of invoice finance gaining popularity owing to its flexibility and simplicity of borrowing.  Factoring is borrowing against assets in the sales ledger, but unlike a loan there is no lump sum requiring settlement over time.  Factoring will release up to 95% of cash tied up in unpaid invoices, often within 24 […]


Finding the right tools for forex trading is key to having the best chance of making money. Forex robots provide a specific currency trading strategy to allow the forex trader to make trades with some degree of automation.  There are many benefits of using a forex robot, which include the following. •    A robot is […]

Last week saw Sterling rise to a three-and-a-half year high against the yen and a seven-week high against the dollar, following on from optimism that the British economy can avoid tipping into recession, this followed good industrial output figures last week all of which helped to support the pound. However, Brent crude, which is the […]


One of the best ways to generate cash flow for a company, without applying for a loan, is to seek investment.  Selling shares in a company can be a long process: it is not a quick fix.  There is a substantial amount of due diligence required on the part of the investor, particularly if it […]

For everyone involved with online currency trading, especially day trading, there comes a time when it is better to remain on the sideline than to enter into a trade that could have disastrous results.   Knowing when that time has arrived is part of the art of trading: a skill that can only be developed over […]

In the modern economic climate, every firm is looking to save money where they can.  If you are currently taking advantage of invoice financing services from a firm like Touch Financial, then there are a number of ways in which this service can help reduce your costs.  Keep reading for more information on invoice factoring […]

About 50% of business owners are completely unaware of, or know very little about, specific business finance terms, such as asset based lending, overdrafts and invoice finance.  Considering that these specific expressions define some truly ingenious financing solutions that could help businesses to expand their activities, business people really should try to find out more […]

If a business is profitable and there is a clear demand for its product, then it may be an opportune time to expand.  In the majority of cases this will require a considerable amount of work and time to ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible and that its customers do not see […]

If you are not making as much money as you had hoped from your trading, it is easy to feel discouraged.  But do not give up just yet.  Spending some time focussing on the problem area is highly likely to help you understand why luck is not going your way at present. Learning to identify […]

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In business terminology, medium-term finance is defined as borrowing (cash or equipment) over a period of time, from as little as eighteen months up to fifteen years.  Banks and other financial brokers lend credit in the form of loans, rather than the short-term option of an overdraft.  As well as extending credit in the form […]