Successful currency trading can often be attributed to receiving accurate information on forex signals. Forex signals provide an indication on when the trader should enter or exit their currency trade with the intention of making a profit. Some providers of forex signals make a charge for the service, while others are provided at no cost. […]

Invoice financing can be a very effective start up route for businesses which are short on cash.  Invoice financing, also known as debtor finance, is a method of acquiring finance short term.  The process involves hiring a company that will agree to accept the responsibility of business invoices in exchange for money from the invoices.  […]


Once you have made the decision to become a Forex trader, there are a couple of steps involved to get off the ground.  The first one is to find a reliable Forex broker – preferably one with good quality Forex trading software.  A Forex demo account is a great way to get to know the […]

Anyone looking for information on invoice factoring and discounting should know that the main role of these two forms of invoice finance is to release cash from unpaid invoices.  The most essential aspect regarding invoice finance, however, is that it provides an effective financing solution for four major industries, such as wholesale distribution, recruiting, manufacturing […]

The assets of a business are any items that have a monetary value whether they are tangible such as equipment, or intangible such as copyrights or trademarks.  One of the most common ways a business can use a tangible asset such as an item of machinery or equipment over an agreed term is through hire […]

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One of the primary objectives of any company should be to have a cash flow that is constant and in credit.  Companies use cash to buy materials, pay employees and pay shareholders, while customers pay for the company’s products or services in cash. This cash flow cycle is vital for the success of a company. […]

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To learn forex effectively is a process requiring considerable patience on the part of the investor.  It is a good idea for someone just starting to trade forex to keep trades as simple as possible. A good way to do this involves the investor conducting trades on a single pair of currencies at a time. […]

Like all aspects of business finance, it is by no means simple getting your company involved with a lender.  Any company that offers an invoice financing service will want to ensure that it is worth them getting involved.  Fortunately, there are ways that you can set up your finances to ensure that you are the […]

It is common for people who run businesses to be successful at forex trading. The two disciplines have many crossovers so having good business skills will stand an individual in good stead when trading. In many cases, treating trading like a business is the best way to instil time-efficient practices. Trading without a plan leads […]

Banks and other financial institutions are often seen as the only options for business finance; however, in recent years there has been an upsurge in peer-to-peer business finance lending facilitated by organisations such as Zopa, Funding Circle, and Rate Setter in the UK.  Often peer-to-peer business lending is small scale funding for small businesses and […]