Between 70% and 90% of transactions are speculative, that is the individual or institution is trading foreign exchange with a view to making a profit.  The biggest trades are made between the big commercial banks. These transactions make up nearly 40% of the market and are conducted with very fine margins. The smaller banks, along […]

Invoice finance, or factoring, is an option available to businesses to release cash tied up in invoices or receivables.  Although it is often presented as something new and gaining in popularity it has, in fact, been a major part of business credit since the middle ages, developed to meet the needs of merchants whose capital […]


Release cash from your invoices with the help of a factoring broker.  Signing up for such a service means an immediate injection of cash into a business, which can be used for whatever reason the business chooses.  In return, a factoring service provider will seek payment of invoices on behalf of the business.  Although a […]

Forex trading is a fun and fast moving way to make some extra cash, but it should not be entered into lightly as the risks are high, especially for those who do not have any experience, or have not planned ahead. Anyone considering taking up forex trading should make sure they have a sum of […]

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You have a business plan and want to start a business, but don’t know what startup finance is available to you.  There are a number of factors to consider when seeking funding for your business.  You might need short or long term finance, or you may consider spreading the risk by taking on partners; there […]

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Forex software has become a vital part of online forex trading.  These computer programs are crucial sources of information for currency traders.  They provide information on market trends and performance, as well as data on current interest rates. Different types of forex software used today, as listed on ispyforex.com, include forex robots and trade signal […]


Organisations fund their activities from a variety of sources using a range of methods.  Sources utilised by organisations are a mixture of external and internal sources.  External sources include banks and other financial institutions, governments and individual investors; internal sources include the continuing investment from the original owners of the organisation. Different methods that an […]

The prime purpose of any company is to make money. The only thing that proprietors like more than keeping their companies in the black is doing it faster, which is exactly what invoice financing does. Employing the services of an invoice finance company to take short-term loans out against accounts receivable enables a company to […]

New traders need lots of capital to start out This is not necessarily the case. There are many online brokers that allow accounts to be opened for small initial stakes, and free forex demos let aspiring traders practise with real data and demo trades in order to learn how the business works, or just trade […]