For a forex trading platform to be deemed award-winning, it must enhance user experience through innovative design, integration, products and service.  Another quality of a cutting-edge forex platform is an innovative feature that differentiates the platform from other forex systems, such as an included venue for aggregation service. There are now so many forex trading […]

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Working capital is calculated as the difference between debtors and creditors, or current assets minus current liabilities. It can be divided in two sections, short term and long term. Short term capitalThe short-term working capital is characterised by invoice financing services, such as invoice discounting and factoring, bank overdraft and trade finance. A bank overdraft […]

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Several forex traders spend their time looking for clues as to when they should enter the forex market to begin trading. This is where forex indicators come in handy. These are vital tools for traders since they help to predict economic and financial trends affecting the forex market. They are useful in assisting traders to […]

These days there are many different companies available to help broker a deal on invoice factoring or offer it directly. Choosing a suitable deal for your business takes some careful consideration but there are some things to bear in mind during the process. Different companies will offer varying degrees of advantages and disadvantages and even […]

The short answer to this question is: it’s hugely unlikely.  An employer’s insurer pays the compensation sum, not the employer.  Any employer appearing to be taking reprisals against a claimant would almost certainly leave himself open to further legal action. Claimants are advised to seek expert legal advice for their case; if this isn’t provided […]

The ability to get access to startup finance is an important aspect for many new businesses to consider. It is not that easy to acquire the funds needed these days however, and new businesses need to take extra steps to ensure that the very cautious finance companies will hand over the cash. Sound business plans […]


For a business seeking to maximise its value, there are two basic approaches: the break-up method and the market-value method.   The break-up method is relevant only in cases where a business is facing the possibility of liquidation or if management are examining the option of selling off some of the business’s assets to generate cash.  […]

There are two main types of forex trading accounts – demo and live accounts.  The difference between the two is that the live accounts make use of real money, while a demo account utilises virtual cash. Demo accounts are recommended for new forex traders who are yet to develop and perfect their trading strategies.  Currency […]

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Using an overdraft facility can be a great way to finance business activities.  An overdraft from a bank will allow a company to temporarily borrow money on a short term basis.  Overdrafts need to be negotiated with the bank.  An interest fee is usually applied to the amount that is borrowed; that said overdrafts can […]