Individuals who are completely new to forex trading can find themselves feeling discouraged by the steep learning curve involved. Everyone has to start somewhere, though, so before proceeding any further, there are some basic lessons that should be learned. In its simplest form, the forex currency market allows traders to buy and sell different currencies. […]

When a trader is first introduced to the foreign exchange market, he might be confused by the world of currency trading. However, after getting an overview of the basis of currency trading, new investors can feel more comfortable getting involved in the market. Since trading currencies is quite different from trading stock on the traditional […]

In recent years, invoice factoring has become a proven way for companies to maximise their cash flow and avoid the pitfalls of debt management.  It may not be suitable for all businesses, however, one thing that every business needs to take into account is the nature of their customers. A start-up business issuing invoices to […]

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Forex is an acronym, which stands for “foreign exchange market”, sometimes also referred to as the currency market. Rather than investing their money in savings accounts or stocks and shares, some people choose to speculate on foreign currencies to try and make a profit; moving their money between different currencies as individual exchange rates rise […]

International corporate finance involves a wide range of areas and techniques with the shared aim of managing the financial assets of large corporations located in more than one country.  Maintaining working capital and cash and pursuing short-term financing are the most common daily activities that international corporate finance managers handle, however, they also manage the […]

The forex market is based around currency trading, which is the buying and selling of national currencies in the open marketplace. Unlike company stock in the traditional stock market, currency rates in the forex market are very volatile and are subject to rate fluctuations on a daily basis. This is largely because there are so […]

As the saying goes, ‘a workman is only as good as his tools.’ To be a successful trader, it’s essential to have a thorough understanding of the options available to assist you. Using quality software increases a trader’s chances of earning money. Software facilitates trading, and can provide insights and information to help the user […]

Businesses can live and die on the strength of their cash flow.  Money is constantly flying in and out of a business, making it difficult to keep track of its current financial position.  Most companies produce goods, or provide services, in advance of receiving payment.  This can leave the company without enough cash to pay […]


Invoice financing is a popular, and quickly growing alternative option to financing.  If you are tempted to use invoice financing or invoice discounting, there is a wide variety of factoring companies available to fund your business loans.  Before making your final decision, it is always advisable to approach more than one company.  Alternatively, it is […]