With a constantly open market, forex traders may choose to trade over multiple days or focus on forex day trading. The difference is the time frame in which a trade is entered and exited. Day trading involves entering and exiting a trade in the same day, which means making faster decisions. With a few simple […]

So there’s this little packet of information that you get when you open a forex account with most trading platforms, and one of the items is the forex glossary.  When you first start reading it, some of the terms just don’t make a bit of sense.  Even after you’ve finished reading the entire forex glossary […]


Before you are ready to start participating in Forex trading, also known as currency trading, you will want to understand the Foreign Exchange Market and how it works.  The Forex market is divided into several different levels of trading, with individual Forex traders typically making up the bottom levels of the market.  The higher levels […]

When it comes to Forex trading, there are several mistakes beginners make that cost them money.  You can avoid making these mistakes by educating yourself on Forex trading before you start.  Below are things to avoid when you start investing in currency exchange on the Foreign Exchange Market. Gambling Forex trading is about making educated […]

One of the hardest things for a new forex trader to understand is why forex rates change. A variety of factors go into determining daily rates, which is why risk exists. There is no guarantee of a currency’s value from one day to the next; if a guarantee existed, all traders would be able to […]

It is the intent of every investor to turn a profit regardless of how the financial markets play out.  Based on the theory that for every loser there must also be a winner it is the investor’s job to try to predict and back the winners.  Unfortunately, there are periods where stock prices are depressed […]

If you are used to trading in the traditional stock market, you might want to consider branching out into the foreign exchange, or Forex, market.  However, there are a number of differences between the Forex market and the stock market, so it will be necessary to learn how the Forex market differs from the stock […]

The process of business valuation closely examines the current worth of assets held by a company, the economic conditions that may have an effect on the operation’s value and how much of the business owner’s interest or investment is in the business itself.  The business finance strategy asses the intrinsic value of the business and […]

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The legal definition of personal injury claims is very broad and can include everything from repetitive motion injuries to dog bites, to automobile accidents and medical malpractice. This is why there are so many divisions of personal injury law. There are lawyers that specialise in dog bites and others that specialise in repetitive motion injuries. […]

Some traders spend thousands on training and proven forex systems, only to fail a short time later. In most cases, they simply blame the forex system, but statistically, the majority of traders trying to gain extreme wealth typically fail. The problem is not the system, but the trader. While the market does play its own […]