There are many options available to learn the necessary skills to be able to trade forex.  You will learn the principles of forex and learn strategies to be successful at forex trading. A lot of the information that you need would be available to you free.  Free forex training can be just as effective as […]

Currency trading is the cornerstone of the foreign exchange, or Forex, market. Unlike stock trading where investors buy shares of a company in small portions called stocks, currency trading involves purchasing shares of a national currency. Learning the ropes of currency markets is one of the most essential aspects for learning online currency trading in […]

Some training providers will provide different levels of training to help you develop your own forex trading system.  You may have been trading for some time but not fully understood certain forex trading systems, or you may have decided to change the software that you use to manage your currency trading strategies.  These are prime […]

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In order to trade and hopefully make profits on the forex currency market, you need to fully understand the basic trading techniques and methods. Firstly, you need to learn that the key to success is about limiting losses rather than aiming for huge profits.  This can be achieved through a well thought-out strategic scheme, with […]

Many people now trade on the foreign currency exchange, or forex market, as a way to make money from their investment decisions which, until recently, was only available to large financial institutions.  With all the information available online about forex, you may wonder whether a forex system is necessary for successful trading.  Here are some […]

Before risking your money buying currency in the hope that it will increase in value, the want-to-be FOREX trader should always take advantage of demo accounts.  A demo account will enable the individual to practice free under real market conditions, without chancing a financial loss.  It provides a method of determining whether you have acquired […]


The Forex Factory is, “the #1 most viewed forex-related website, and the #1,674 most viewed website in the world, according to Alexa.” It is a clearinghouse of information for the serious forex trader and the insights of its top-notch staff can help every trader in pursuit of a forex profit. Knowing the subject matter might […]


Where you get your forex news is just as important as when you get it.  Forex exchange rates often change at the drop of a hat based on rumours and unconfirmed news reports.  This is part of learning the market and why you should always be checking forex forums to see what the latest buzz […]