Forex systems and trading activities in the UK are regulated under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA) by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).  FSMA covers regulated activities that include speculating through foreign exchange. Forex trader authorisation Forex brokers in the UK, whether company or individual, need to be authorised to trade in financial […]

Forex, short for foreign exchange market, allows investors the chance to invest on the immediate or even long-term future of a country’s economy via currency.  Prior to taking the plunge and jumping into the foreign exchange market (forex), one needs to do a little homework.  First thing, research brokers to find one with whom you […]


The Forex Factory is a blog that discusses all things relating to Forex.  New traders are encouraged to peruse the site and learn the basics.  It provides basic information about what Forex trading is, who the participants are, what should be avoided, what some of the major systems in use are, and what outside influences […]

Invoice discounting services are provided by banks and other financial institutions.  By using invoice discounting, a business can gain access to the money due on invoices for work completed before those invoices have been paid.  Invoice discounting, like invoice factoring, is a major form of invoice finance, and can form an integral part of the […]

Forex or foreign exchange, involves the buying and selling of different currencies to take advantage of changes in exchange rates, in order to make a profit. Forex is a huge global market; almost two trillion US dollars are traded each day. It is also one of the world’s fastest growing markets and is ideal for […]

The devil is in the detail, as they say, and a company has to look carefully at all the costs involved when it comes to business finance, whether its bank loans, invoice factoring, overdrafts or business credit cards.  Many of these are relatively straightforward, but in the case of invoice factoring it is important to […]


MetaTrader is a popular program used for managing forex trading.  It is used by both brokers and their clients to make trades and it manages a forex trading account.  Three of its most popular features are its technical analysis, Forex Robots and Expert Advisers. MetaTrader offers a diverse technical analysis, long used for all sorts […]


Forex is becoming an increasingly popular way for amateur investors to try their luck and make a profit; thanks to 24-hour trading and the huge number of internet sites that allow access to currency trading, anyone and everyone can give it a try from the comfort of their own home. Beginners should check out some […]

Companies that are thinking of using invoice discounting services need to understand the potential costs involved. While it seems like an ideal solution and for many it is, no service is free and companies need to weigh the costs against the benefits of employing an invoice discounting firm. Main Cost – Interest The main cost […]


Once the forex market is open, orders can be placed at any time.  Most forex trading platforms make it easy by offering one-click ordering. Essentially, there are three types of orders: Market, Limit and Stop/Loss.  They all have different functions and can all be used to good effect to control a trader’s position during a […]