The two most often traded currencies on the forex market are the US dollar and the EU euro.  The US dollar is popularly traded with all other major currencies and is even used as an intermediary currency in some three-way transactions.  The reason for this is that the US dollar is an unofficial global reserve […]

Although invoice finance might not be the right solution for every company with problems relating to operating capital, more can benefit from it than are using it at present. If your company is plagued with slow paying customers that leave you short on operating funds, then invoice financing can help. By placing, at a minimum, […]

When most newbie traders venture into the world of trading forex online, they have only one thing in mind: to make lots of money, and to make it quickly.  Money management is a concept many of them have never used and to which they certainly do not give much thought. The truth is that without […]


Currency trading is simply buying and selling currency for profit, and is centred on the foreign exchange market, known as ‘Forex’. When considering whether to buy or sell currency, skilful traders pay attention to world affairs, noting levels of inflation, how industrial production is faring and what is happening in the political arena, especially concerning […]

Invoice finance includes both invoice discounting and factoring; these are methods of raising funds against the value of a company’s unpaid invoices, also known as ‘receivables’.  In many ways, they offer simpler routes to raising cash and do not require security or guarantees, as do many overdraft or bank loan arrangements.  The principal difference between […]

Many individuals would like to get into currency trading but they aren’t sure where to start. Step one is to get a basic understanding of the Forex market. The next step is to create a Forex account. However, there is more to an account than just a user name and password. You must decide which […]

Factoring companies provide a prepayment against outstanding invoices.  Many invoices leave companies waiting as much as 90 days for payment.  When capital is needed quickly, factoring provides an almost immediate turnaround of cash flow.  The only catch is there is a cost for this service. What Is RequiredFactoring companies handle all credit management for the […]

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The Foreign Exchange Market, commonly known as Forex, involves investors trading in currencies to realise a profit from the fluctuation of exchange rates.  For example, they may exchange Dollars for Euros.  It is an extremely large, fast growing, quick paced global market place that relies on high-speed internet access to the Interbank Foreign Exchange Company.  […]

Automated forex is forex trading carried out by a computer program or forex robot on your behalf.  Automated forex allows you to set your basic strategy, set your level of investment, and buy and sell orders; these are then automatically achieved in the market without your supervision.  Forex programs or robots are typically offered as […]


While it is extremely useful to retain a positive cash flow and not to be burdened with unpaid invoices, invoice finance solutions are not offered for free. One consideration when choosing whether to use invoice factoring or discounting is the cost of the service. If you are losing more than you can afford, then it’s […]