A popular way of predicting future market movements is through Forex charts. Charts are part of technical analysis. Most traders use a combination of technical and fundamental analysis to help them determine the best currency pairs and times to trade. What makes technical analysis so popular is the fact it’s easy to understand and very […]

While the foreign exchange market serves as a vehicle for international currency exchange and monetary transactions, the primary reason that investors get involved in Forex trading is to make money.  However, learning how to use the market’s fluctuations to turn a profit requires a lot of preparation, monitoring, and time. Decide on a Strategy Successful […]

Touch Financial is not an ordinary invoice financing business. Instead it is an invoice factoring broker and the biggest independent one in the UK at that. Using this company’s services will enable you to compare the costs and benefits of more than 20 different factoring services before making your final decision. Invoice financing or invoice […]


While some Forex traders may be content simply to turn a profit in the foreign exchange market, others may be interested in learning how to increase their profit margins.  If you want to boost your investing bottom line as a Forex investor, you can use several Forex resources. Look at Your Investing Approach Consider adjusting […]

Since the Forex market includes currencies from countries all over the world, it is particularly susceptible to fluctuations caused by international news and world events.  Traders who stay abreast of Forex news can adjust their investing strategy quickly to avoid losses. Forex Software Programmes A simple way to keep up with market news is to […]

Different charges will apply in respect of invoice finance services depending on the factoring company that is used.  The applicable costs of invoice finance are usually discount charges and service fees.  Typically, the discount charges, or interest payments, for an invoice finance service can range from 1.5% above the Bank of England base rate, to […]

Trading one currency in a pair with another with the view of making profit based on the exchange rate is known as currency trading on the foreign exchange market or forex. Currency is expressed on the forex market by showing the value of one currency in relation to another as a pair, the counter currency […]

Commonly, there are three types of charts used to display price action in the foreign exchange market. Good forex training resources will include access to examples of all of these, so that novice traders can familiarise themselves with ways to assimilate information. Line Charts In a line chart, the horizontal ‘x’ axis is used for […]

Although there are many advantages to invoice factoring, there are also some disadvantages to consider when weighing up whether or not to use invoice finance of this nature to improve a business’s cash flow. One possible disadvantage of invoice factoring is that if a business does not run efficiently and has many disputes and queries, […]

The foreign exchange market is one of the most important and influential global markets for investors and traders. Currency pairing enables investors to make a profit from successfully trading on the forex market and there are a number of things that novice traders can do to ensure their forex training results in making a profit. […]