If a business wants to improve its cash flow, it is possible to retain control over the company sales ledger and still draw down funds against company invoices. Established companies that sell services or products, and are paid in arrears, can benefit from invoice discounting. A turnover of a minimum £500,000 per annum is the […]

MetaTrader is one of the most popular platforms for trading forex. Numerous brokers offer MetaTrader to their traders. The versatility of the platform makes it perfect for traders of all levels. From a full range of analysis tools to support for all types of orders, the software makes it easy to start trading and even […]

When a cash-strapped business decides that factoring offers an attractive alternative to borrowing, approaching a reputable broker to discuss requirements is a sensible first step. Expert brokers will have information about a number of factoring companies, and will also have strong professional working relationships with the lenders they recommend. In this way, brokers can ease […]


The Foreign Exchange Market is a financial market that affects us all on a daily basis, but one that we either know little about or pay little attention to. For most people, the only time they will come into contact with the forex is when they exchange their home currency for that of another country […]

Invoice discounting services are normally available to those types of businesses that sell on products or services to commercial enterprises, and receive payment in arrears. Larger businesses with an annual turnover in excess of £500,000 may benefit from invoice discounting. Increasingly, though, businesses with a smaller level of turnover are being offered invoice discounting services. […]


Many people are trying to get involved in the foreign currency market, also called forex.  However, in today’s world, not everyone has the time to do so.  People have their own jobs and careers to think about, as well as their families and other social obligations.  It may therefore be difficult for the average person […]

Founded in 2002 by Simon and Daniel Plant, the SFP Group specialises in assisting with corporate recovery in the United Kingdom. The company has various specialist sub-divisions, each of which handles a different aspect of the SFP portfolio. In 2008, in the wake of SFP acquiring Telford Jones, and the formation of the company’s strategic […]

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How Forex Brokers Help Investors Investors who are getting started in the forex market may be uncertain about the best way to make a profit.  To help new investors, many of the world’s largest financial institutions offer the assistance of foreign exchange market brokers.  These professionals can provide market expertise and analysis for new forex […]

If your company is having trouble getting money from creditors and what companies are not, in these recessionary times? There is a way of way of improving cashflow, which is to try invoice factoring. Invoice factoring is a practice whereby a company sells its invoices to a third party, usually a bank, which is known […]

At CitiFx, reviews indicate that excellent customer support services provide a major advantage both for traders who use the company and for the company itself. During the five days when trading takes place, customer service is available around the clock. Traders can contact CitiFX regarding both administrative and trading requirements via telephone. There is also […]