Whatever service you purchase, you will want to find the right one for your needs and, having spent your money, feel pleased that it was worth the cost.  In the exact same way finding your ideal factoring company is a process that will benefit you greatly if you take the time to source it thoroughly, […]


Foreign currency trading has been with us for years.  The foreign traders of today, however, would consider pace of business and volumes traded in the late 1880’s a world away as they sit in front of their computer screens pouring over Forex charts watching rates fluctuate by the second. Gold ruled before then and countries […]

The forex market is not something you can just jump into. Instead, it takes time to learn terms, techniques, best research methods and exactly how to trade. There are numerous resources available to help beginners learn forex. In most cases, forex training is free or relatively inexpensive. If you try to start trading without any […]


If you have decided to trade forex, there are a few steps you can take. A three-step process allows you to learn, practice and begin trading in just a short period. You are able to learn forex through practice without risks, understand the terms commonly used and develop a trading strategy. Forex trading should never […]

Invoice finance, which is also known as debtor financing, is a method of making money available shortly after a sales invoice has been issued. It involves the outsourcing the responsibility for the collection of debts from a company’s customers to what’s called an established lender or factor, which will pay your company a percentage of […]

One of the things you learn about as you study forex is technical and fundamental analysis. These are two different types of analyses that help predict what your currencies are going to do and therefore how you can plan your trades. In the case of technical analysis, you are looking at how currencies have performed […]


Scanning CitiFX Pro reviews reveals that this provider is considered to be one that offers superb trading for institutions, professionals or advanced traders. With sophisticated software and outstanding functionality, CitiFX Pro constitutes a platform that attracts and satisfies experienced traders. However, even the most advanced forex traders can expect to be confronted with a range […]

Debt factoring is a process where a business assigns invoices raised on normal trade terms to a finance company to improve cash flow and reduce administration costs. The providers of this service include not only specialised companies, but also banks. In return for the face value of the trade debt, the third party, known as […]

As you learn about forex, you will come across a plethora of resources, many of which will claim to have the ‘perfect’ system that will guarantee success. Indeed, many of these systems do work, but there is a catch. Forex trading  is really an individualised practice. It is rather like learning how to drive. When […]


Invoice finance is an umbrella term for factoring and invoice discounting, services that allow a company to raise funds against outstanding invoices.  When one company sells a product or service to another, invoices are raised and presented to the purchasing company.  It is normal practice that the company will have 30 – 60 days to […]