Forex, or the foreign currency exchange market, has become a very popular way to invest and make a profit.  Those who dabble in forex are often called day traders.  They trade quickly in foreign currencies and can potentially make large profits. One of the reasons forex has become so popular is that it is easy […]

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Even though factoring is not taught in universities, seldom mentioned in business planning seminars and is still somewhat unknown to the business community at large, it has a long, rich, diverse history. When an agent or factoring company buys commercial accounts receivable, advances a portion of the money back to the company and expects payment, […]


Forex Currency Pairs Speculators seeking profit largely drive Forex currency trading.  Forex trading tends to cluster around what are known as the Majors.  The Majors are the most often-traded currency pairs, such as the US Dollar and the Japanese Yen, the Euro and the British Pound, the Canadian and the Australian Dollar.  All of these […]

Invoice finance is a service provided by a financial lender to businesses, both small and large, to help improve cash flow.  This, in turn, can also often aid business growth and can be a way of avoiding having to seek out external investment. Invoice finance can work in one of two ways.  The first is […]


Investors in the forex market need to be educated in order to trade successfully.  In addition to understanding the market, how to find a broker, and how to use analytical tools, it is useful to know different strategies for exiting a trade. Stop-Loss Traders use a stop-loss order when they wish to exit a trade […]

Debt factoring is the process by which a factor buys a company’s debtors list for a discounted price. The factor then takes over all responsibility for collecting the money owed from the customers. All subsequent sales invoices also involve the factor, which becomes responsible for collecting payments owed. The relationship between a business and a […]


Trading on the forex market is exciting and can be very profitable.  For those new to the market, it is important to spend time finding a forex brokerage house to work with.  They will help to make trades, earning from those trades, and provide advice, so there is some research to be performed before selecting […]

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Businesses often look for cash loans in order to develop and expand.  A business loan can be long term, but it is also possible to take out short-term loans using an alternative approach. Invoice finance is the method of borrowing against unpaid sales invoices.  A business can submit these invoices to an invoice financer or […]

Metatrader is the most powerful and innovative trading platform, out-performing all forms of competition within the Forex market.  The system, developed specifically for the purposes of Forex trading, is unique in that it has its own programming language, making it difficult to copy.  Metatrader is completely independent from Forex brokers, which makes it an attractive […]

For many businesses today, the rate at which cash flows is very important when it comes to strengthening the company and expanding.  For a lot of businesses this may mean they need to source cash from a third party, either in the form of a loan or as an arranged overdraft. There is however, another […]