Supplier finance is a term used to describe the process through which businesses provide low-cost finance to their suppliers.  This forms part of an overall flexible settlement system that greatly improves the cash flow for both the purchaser and the supplier. Supplier finance is also known as reverse factoring or supply chain finance, and is […]

With so many Forex brokers offering their online trading services, choosing the right broker, with the appropriate Forex trading software, becomes as important as creating a winning strategy. To comprehensively evaluate and analyse the characteristics of good Forex trading platforms takes considerable time and energy – thankfully free Forex software reviews online can help. These […]


A loan secured in exchange for company assets, such as inventory, accounts receivables and other asset items is the basis for asset based lending. Unlike traditional loans with their approach of balance sheet rations and cash flow predictions, this straightforward concept matches the assets to the borrowing needs of the company. Securing a loan based […]

The Thai baht is the official currency of the Kingdom of Thailand; its currency symbol is ฿ and its ISO code is THB.  The Thai baht is one of the most popular trading currencies in the world and each baht is divided into one hundred satang.  The Bank of Thailand has responsibility over the currency […]


Even though more and more companies are turning to invoice factoring and invoice discounting to shore up cash flow and ease the burden of doing business, few companies are aware of a procedure called spot factoring. Spot factoring is different from traditional invoice factoring because the factor buys single invoices rather than the whole accounts […]

It may seem like there are an incredible number of forex brokers out there; however, it is important to understand that not all forex brokers are created equal.  When it comes to your investment and protecting your money, you need a forex broker you can rely on. When selecting a forex broker, it is your […]

The foreign exchange market can be volatile and a large portion of market analysis is subjective. Gaining experience of the various types of analysis is the only way to trade successfully and reduce risk. An ability to predict trends with the aid of these strategies is the safest and easiest way to become a profitable […]

There are many different financial companies that are now offering a range of services over and above the invoice finance aspect, to provide businesses with a working capital that is generated from existing invoices that have been created though everyday custom. Bad Debt ProtectionOne major service that can be provided is the protection against bad […]

The Foreign Exchange Market, forex, is profitable and attracts thousands of new investors every year. It generates deals daily that extend into trillions of dollars and, when you know what you’re doing, can be a lucrative business to be in. As with any kind of business, however, forex currency trading has its associated risks and […]

Searching for a forex broker is like navigating a minefield. A vast number of sites specialise in broker reviews, but the site itself or the reviewers who take part may have hidden agendas. Promoting a broker is fine, as long as any affiliation is transparent. Affiliate Marketing Forex sites might claim to be newsworthy, educational […]