When making the decision to become a currency trader, it is important to be prepared to make losses as well as gains. No matter how much a new investor practices prior to starting trading for real or how good a strategy they feel they have developed, losses are inevitable. Experts caution new traders to wait […]

The forex market is not just a tool for international trade and investment, it is also an opportunity to speculate and make money. Foreign currency trading is big business and for some, a career they have honed over a number of years means making deals and decisions comes as second nature. However, for those just […]

Invoice discounting is where a third party provides finance secured against the company’s debtors, but provides no credit management service. Listed below are some more common terms that you may come across in relation to this subject: •    ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE – Also known as your sales ledger, these are your debtor sales invoices. •    ADVANCE […]

When considering whether online trading is a suitable pursuit for you to embark upon, it is prudent to begin by determining the benefits to help guide your decision. The flexibility of being able to work for yourself when online currency trading is one of the major draws, enabling you to get and maintain complete control.  […]


If someone wants to learn forex, there are certain things they will have to understand.  This includes currency carry trades.  A currency carry trade is the most popular trade in the currency market, which is why it is so important to understand it in order to learn forex.  It is practised both by huge hedge […]


Anyone can trade forex.  Foreign exchange currency trading has become hugely popular.  One of the ways people trade forex is through micro accounts. Forex micro accounts give more opportunities to more people to get involved in the currency exchange market.  Micro accounts are just what they sound like – forex accounts that allow people to […]


Invoice financing is an umbrella term that refers to the industry and the facilities. Listed below are some of the more common terms that you may come across in relation to this subject: •    ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE – Also known as your sales ledger, these are your debtor sales invoices.•    CONFIDENTIAL INVOICE DISCOUNTING/FACTORING – A facility […]

Forex Fundamentals Currency prices can be significantly affected by political conditions, economic policies and/or conditions and corporate developments.  Forex is essentially based on the combined trading decisions of thousands of different traders.  Their willingness to buy or decision to sell currencies can be impacted by external events or announcements, otherwise known as forex fundamentals. Political […]


Forex is the major financial market in the world and is where currencies are exchanged and traded. Forex brokers like forex.com and CitiFX Pro buy and sell one currency for another, with the aim of making a profit from fluctuations in exchange rates. There are several types of foreign exchange systems operating in the Forex […]

Many companies have been surviving for a very long time, thanks to the help of reliable and dependable invoice factoring companies. These companies are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to keeping a business up and running. They offer some great services at the lowest rates around. Such companies are located throughout the world, many are […]