A forex trader will typically make money by buying low and selling high or alternatively, selling high and buying low.  This applies in all stock exchanges throughout the world and money made or lost in any one day is governed by opening and closing prices as well as the pip value of currency pairs.  However, […]


Forex traders carry out a variety of trading strategies. They choose the strategy which they are most comfortable with and which enables to take profits from their online currency trading. Forex day trading is a strategy which sees the trader make and complete his trades during the day in question. Nothing is left to continue […]

There are many factoring companies available for businesses to take advantage of, some are subsidiaries of well-known banks and other financial institutions and others are independent entities.  Factoring brokers are also available to work on behalf of a company and they may not charge a fee for their services, as they would receive commission from […]

What is Electronic Trading? Forex trading is often carried out using electronic trading platforms.  When you open a trading account with a forex broker, an electronic trading platform is typically the central product you will need to be able to access forex.  They are commonly hosted through an online service or through a desktop application. […]

Forex: Learning the Basics Forex is the largest market in the world in terms of cash value traded.  With the advent of the internet, many traders now have ways to access to this market that previously did not exist.  Online forex trading means that the number of potential buyers and sellers has increased in recent […]

Many of the terms which are commonly associated with the financial practice called invoice financing can seem both baffling and daunting to those who are unfamiliar with the system.  Fortunately, once the terms have been explained in simple words, any confusion can be cleared up with relative ease.  Here we have our guide to the […]

The basis for trading on the forex market is good analysis.  Without analysing available information you are trading blindly.  Unless you have software or a broker performing analysis for you, trading without key information can result in major losses.  By learning how to analyse the forex market, you should become a better, more successful trader. […]

Invoice financing is probably not as complicated a process as many people who have not sought financing with the system on previous occasions might think.  It is a fact, nonetheless, that many of the terms that are utilized when discussing invoice financing can seem very confusing indeed for the uninitiated.  Hence we continue our guide […]

When studying current trends, forex charts are vital tools.  Studying charts is part of technical analysis and the reason for studying them is to learn from past trends, which often predict future currency activity.  Technical analysis is one of the most reliable and effective methods for trading on the forex market. Types of Charts There […]


Small and medium sized businesses trying to get hold of capital with which to expand their operations often find themselves faced with numerous obstacles when trying to obtain finance through traditional methods, as opposed to invoice financing. One of the most commonly encountered obstacles a business faces when trying to obtain funding is that of […]