When trading in the forex market, leverage and margin will play important roles in managing your money, and your trading account.  Leverage will allow traders to invest more money than is actually available in their forex account, essentially allowing investors to increase their position in the market.  Margin refers to the actual funds that will […]

Forex brokers are not created equal and you need one that will understand you and what you wish to accomplish.  You also need someone you can count on and trust; after all, you are putting your hard earned money in their hands.  There are several questions you should ask to help choose the best forex […]

The most obvious advantage to having an invoice finance arrangement in place is that it allows you to access your cash as soon as an invoice has been raised, rather than waiting anything up to 90 days to be paid for goods or services. It also allows for a much more predictable cash flow which […]


Forex demo accounts are an excellent way for those intending to become traders to learn forex. These demo accounts are available on forex brokerage websites and are free to use for a limited period which typically lasts 30 day. During that trial period the free forex demo account is operated using play money, so no […]

Since there are a variety of ways to trade currencies in the forex market, choosing a common charting method will save a lot of money and time.  The most commonly used forex charts include Ichimoku and candlestick patterns.  These will provide important information and visual clues as to when to trade.  Some charting methods can […]

Within the world of Forex, Metatrader is the most powerful and innovative trading platform, out-performing all forms of competition.  It was developed specifically for the purposes of Forex trading and is unique in that it has its own programming language.  It is worth noting that Metatrader is completely independent from Forex brokers.  Metatrader is fast […]

What Are Managed Forex Accounts? A managed forex account is an account a private trader opens with a brokerage firm; the firm then has the power to trade on his or her behalf.  The forex broker trades for the individual investor using an automated system, or using what is known as a limited power of […]

While the benefits of invoice financing far outweigh any possible disadvantages, it is worth noting the cost to your business of using the service.  As invoice factoring companies take a percentage of the profits, if your business is raising a number of smaller value invoices, it could be disadvantageous financially to opt for invoice financing, […]

Forex traders need to sign up with a broker and they need to have the necessary forex software downloaded to their computers or they have the option to use an online trading platform. These elements leave them ready to commence trading. However, there is something else that needs to be considered and its importance cannot […]


When entering into an agreement with invoice factoring companies, it is important to ensure that you are able to compare costs and charges accurately.  There are a number of factors to take into account when entering into an invoice financing contract agreement with a factoring company: •    Notice period: The notice period varies widely between […]