Depending on your forex broker you may have a choice of which forex trading platform you use.  Many of the larger brokers have their own custom forex trading platforms, with some of the best forex brokers offering forex trading software that rivals the dedicated forex trading platforms such as Metatrader. Other brokers plug their systems […]

Businesses will often see factoring companies offering prepayment levels as high as 90 per cent.  In reality such levels of prepayment are unlikely. Factoring companies have to examine a business’s book debts in terms of the security that it will offer them if the business fails.  They have to consider how much can be collected […]

Forex fundamental analysis – also known as fx fundamental analysis, forex or fx fundamentals – is the analysis of market movements from the point of view of national economies.  Your speculation of how currency pairs will move over time can be informed by an analytical approach to political and economical events in the national or […]

When the gold standard was established in 1875 it was an historical event, which would eventually lead to the creation of the forex market.  Prior to that point in time, countries used both gold and silver for making international payments.  Unfortunately, the gold standard finally broke down at the beginning of the First World War.  […]


The Past as a Guide to the Future Using the past as a guide to the future is one of the most common techniques used to trade forex; it can be a successful method of understanding the market.  Setting out your trading strategy based on the past performance of currency pairs depends on what is […]

Years ago the only way to trade forex was to manually analyse data and input trades on a case by case basis.  The analysis of currencies and the trading and economic environment is a very time consuming process.  In addition, auctioning individual trades throughout the day used to require a commitment to make trades over […]

Cash flow can be a problem for small or growing businesses.  These problems can become acute for businesses that are going through a period of rapid expansion.  Such times call for more finance to pay for more supplies to support the business’s growth.  Unfortunately, a business’s customers cannot always be relied upon for prompt payment.  […]

When you first begin to learn forex and how currency trading works, you need to make sure that you educate yourself about trading orders, specifically the four that are the most commonly used in this market.  The following will provide you with information on these different types of trading orders: Take-Profit Whenever a forex trader […]

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Factoring has a number of potential advantages for a business.  Factoring can provide businesses with a speedy and substantial boost to their cash flow.  This can be especially valuable for those businesses which are going through a period of rapid expansion.  Factoring can also provide a boost to a business’s working capital. Factoring has other […]

Any number of different indicators that are overlaid onto forex charts can be referred to when finding trading signals.  These play a significant role in the technical analysis that investment analysts and individual traders need to carry out whenever they are attempting to identify either a series of trades or a single successful trade.  In […]