Independent factoring companies are not owned by banks and they do not use banks for their funding.  Some big independent factoring companies are Hitachi Capital and Eurofactor. Independent factoring companies can offer a more personalised approach and some feel that as they gain their customers through personal recommendations, they have to work harder to get […]

A World of Choice There are a great number of possible forex accounts you can open.  Forex brokers offer different options for you to trade on forex.  You may wish to have a highly-automated forex account that requires minimal supervision.   Alternatively, you may wish to monitor your trades in real-time to observe forex in action […]

As the Forex market has grown in popularity, thanks to the internet, so have the number of scam artists trying to separate hardworking traders from their money.  Because of the international aspect of the forex market, a trader has to be conscious of global swindles that are perpetuated through, not only online services, but also […]


If you own a small business, chances are you have been in need of immediate cash at some point.  Often, waiting between 30 and 60 days for your invoices to mature just doesn’t cut it.  That’s where invoice finance comes in.  Small business invoice factoring can help you replenish working capital for your immediate needs. […]

The forex market is an excellent vehicle for making money and things have become even easier with the introduction of effective forex trading software over the past couple of years.  Of course, there are many forex software packages out there, so picking the best one for you will depend on a variety of factors including, […]

Whilst factoring and invoice discounting have their advantages there are also disadvantages that any business should consider before deciding to sell its invoices. Any queries or disputes, which are raised, will have to be referred on.  This means that factoring works best if a business is efficient and rarely has disputes or queries to contend […]

TRIX is a great way to get insight into future markets movements due to its solid ability to filter out market noise and the fact that it is a leading indicator, as opposed to a lagging indicator.  Used in combination with another market timing indicator, it could prove a valuable tool to suggest when a […]

What Are Forex Demo Accounts? Before you start trading on the foreign currency exchange market, you can open a forex demo account like the one offered by CitiFX Pro.  Many forex brokers offer forex demo accounts that allow you to test their products, services and tools.  In addition, a forex demo account allows you to […]

Invoice factoring is rapidly gaining popularity in the business world as a way to improve the cash flow of a business.  We all know that getting a bank overdraft or loan takes time and there is a stringent application process.  Banks have lost billions in the current economic recession and they are extremely cautious when […]

If you are a subcontractor, the following scenario may be familiar to you.  You do work for a government department or large public company, and they pay you every 60 or 90 days; in the meantime, you have to pay your own suppliers and you have other running costs, such as wages that must be […]