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Some factoring companies will offer financing for international sales.  Usually this is done by partnering with a company in the country of export which is responsible for the collection of payment. The use of a local agent reduces the risk of problems which could arise due to different customs, laws, languages and time differences. In […]

The foreign exchange market, or forex, is the largest market in the world and deals with the constantly changing value and trade of currencies all over the world.  Traders and multinational corporations complete trades to make a profit and use the latest in computer software to enable them to choose exactly the right time to […]


Forex, or the foreign exchange market, is the largest market in the world and is a busy twenty-four hour a day business.  A forex trade involves the buying or selling of currencies, using another currency, to make a profit.  It relies heavily on understanding exchange rates and economic factors such as inflation and industrial production.  […]

Many people talk about invoice discounting but never fully explain why it can be a lucrative and wise business decision.  One of the biggest problems faced by companies, particularly in difficult economic times, is the collection of payments due.  People that do not pay their invoices on time are not necessarily bad people or ones […]

The foreign exchange market, or forex, is the largest market in the world, with traders and multinational corporations trading one currency against another on a continual basis.  Traders need to make the most of the constant fluctuations in the market so that they can avoid losses and keep profits as high as possible.  With this […]

With recourse factoring, the factor is not responsible for bad debts.  If a customer of a business does not pay their invoice the factor will obtain its money from the business.  The factoring agreement will stipulate how many days must elapse after a due date for payment before the business has to refund the money […]

One of the biggest frustrations many companies, from the smallest home businesses to the largest of corporations, continuously face is the delay between when a service is rendered or a product is delivered and the time when the client or customer pays for what they received.  Many business owners will express the frustration they have […]

Virtually all online brokers such as CitiFX Pro or Saxo Bank provide you with some sort of forex platform to enable you to carry on live trading without having to phone the broker.  However, not all of these platforms are equal, so let us briefly examine what you should look for in an online trading […]


It is important to shop around when choosing factoring companies and ask advice.  Factoring companies are not traditional banks.  More detailed information can be obtained from The Asset Based Finance Association (ABFA). There are a variety of factors to choose from.  Some are subsidiaries of major banks and financial institutions, others are independent.  To make […]

Before making any type of financial decision, it is best to be as prepared as possible, do the homework and know the options available.  The lending industry has exploded in more ways than one.  Banks stopped lending, which created room for less than reputable sources to step in and take the business at exorbitant rates.  […]