Your key to success in currency trading might well be down to the forex broker that you choose to work with.  There are many forex brokers to choose from, most of whom should be committed to supporting your day trading activities and helping you to earn a profit.  Here are six steps to choosing a […]

Today, a number of businesses find that the process of invoice factoring is a viable means of generating cash when it is needed the most.  A number of invoice factoring companies are in operation around the world.  While each company may have some unique policies and procedures built into their programs, the essentials of the […]


Prior to 1971, the Bretton Woods Act attempted to stabilise currencies by having a fixed exchange rate internationally measured against the US dollar, which was set based on the gold standard. In 1971 that changed and currencies were allowed to fluctuate, based on each country’s domestic market situation.  More recently, as the internet became widely […]

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So you have decided it is time to get involved in the foreign currency exchange market and you have opened your first account.  While money can definitely be made in forex trading, it can just as easily be lost.  Below are a few examples of things to consider. Newcomers often make the mistake of spreading […]

Forex, allows you to trade a range of currencies using margins to, hopefully, earn a profit, but what is a margin?  A margin is simply an amount if money deposited into a margin account and is used as leverage.  What is leverage?  Leverage is the ability to control a large amount of money, using only […]

Invoice discounting or factoring is a process that allows companies to receive and use proceeds from their Accounts Receivables before customers actually remit payments for goods and services rendered.  This is accomplished by working with an invoice discounting company that effectively buys the invoices, and then advances funds to the client or debtor in anticipation […]

Forex is short for the foreign exchange market, also known as the currency market; it is one of the largest markets in the world.  Just like buying and selling stocks on the stock market, anyone can buy and sell currency on the forex market.  In a nutshell, forex currency trading is the process whereby one […]

It might not make headline news but the politics going on behind the valuation of currencies can have dramatic effects on the movements of currency pairs, effects that the professional currency trader should definitely be aware of. Yet international politics and currency valuations are not often covered in forex training courses. The politics of currency […]


Forex traders work in pairs of currencies, gauging the movement in price and the relative value between two currencies.  The value of one currency compared with the other one in the pair is the forex rate.  The current value is called the spot exchange rate, while the forward exchange range is the exchange rate traded […]

Factoring companies UK wide are likely to offer invoice financing as a business to business financial service.  This is a service that aims to make funds rapidly available and is usually based on the value of a specific invoice. The invoice will be for goods or services that have been delivered or completed, but for […]