Individuals start online trading of forex at home on their own behalf, for various reasons. This may be purely because of an interest in financial markets (as a hobby), because of the thrill of the trader (gambling in essence) or because they really want to turn a tidy profit. Crucially, however, the approach taken needs […]

Invoice financing is the practice whereby a financial institution will offer a loan related to the value of a sales invoice raised by a company.  It is a financial service aimed at companies that offer credit to their customers or clients rather than those that deal in cash and for whom cashflow may not be […]


Trading on the forex currency exchange market can be an exciting adventure of lows and highs that many people find thrilling.  There are traders that look at currency trading as a hobby, while for others it is their career.  One thing is certain, no matter what type of forex trader you are; if you are […]

Forex trading is both time consuming and complicated.  This decentralised market, which operates across all time zones, is open 24 hours day, every day, except at weekends.  It demands mathematical knowledge and an analytical mind.  Despite such rigours, forex trading continues to be increasingly popular.  How is this so? Undoubtedly there are some forex traders […]


Online forums are a popular way of exchanging ideas and interacting with others.  They are also a great way to discover new ideas and learn new techniques.  Forex forums are particular useful in the often lonely world of the foreign exchange trader. Often, a solitary occupation, forex traders connect with the outside world via laptop, […]

Factoring companies normally charge a management or handling fee, plus interest on the amount they lend.  The interest rate is usually between 1.5% and 3% over Bank of England base rate, which is currently 0.5%.  The management charge will depend on the annual turnover of the company, plus the annual sales they process in a […]

Forex is short for the foreign exchange market, also known as the currency market, where one type of currency is traded for another in the hope of making a profit.  The market is open 24 hours a day, making it a great option for anyone looking to trade during off hours.  There are no licensing […]

Fundamental analysis is the method of forecasting currency prices by looking at social, political and economic events.  This analysis is a critical tool for individual forex currency traders, because it helps them decide when to buy or sell a position.  The top three factors that should be considered during a fundamental analysis are geopolitical events, […]

There is always room for improvement, whether you are a novice or an experienced forex currency trader.  Improving your trading skills and techniques will help you achieve higher earnings.  When day traders and forex brokers follow these simple steps they achieve greater success and now you can follow them too. Create a Plan Not only […]

Currency is money in the form of bank notes or coins and is issued by governments for use by its population to buy or trade with each other. In most cases, each country has monopoly control over the supply and production of its own currency. Foreign currency is money that is issued by banks or […]