Investors and currency speculators buy and sell popular floating currencies in an effort to make money. Whilst it is possible for anyone to operate in the world currency markets, most private investors and also institutions would use the services of a forex broker. These experts are regarded as a necessary evil for those wishing to […]

Gone are the days when buying and selling foreign currency took place at the local bank or bureau de change.  Forex trading can now take place at the click of a mouse and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of website where traders can buy and sell foreign currency.  As with stocks and shares, online […]

Entering into a business relationship should always be approached with caution and common sense.  It is advisable to seek advice from your bank or trusted business associates when you begin your search.  Interview several companies to get a feel for the average cost of the services that will most benefit your business. Some factoring companies […]

Invoice factoring may be an attractive way for a new or growing business to improve cashflow, in the short-term, to support long-term growth and cover start-up costs with money that would otherwise be tied up in invoices not yet paid by customers. Advantages of Working with a Factoring Company •    A large percentage, usually around […]

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Because of the bartering nature of forex currency trading, where trades are made between many different currencies, a series of charts enables forex brokers and traders to keep track of the value of all the currencies, relative to one another. Forex charts list both live and historical information that can be used to identify trends […]

The extremely large volume of forex trading conducted around the world; a daily turnover reported to be nudging US$4 trillion, make it a necessity that forex day trading takes place. By selling and buying currencies throughout the day there should be no net variation in place at the end of the day.  Both sides should […]

Factoring out outstanding sales invoices is a significant step for any company to take.  However, if done with care, it can provide the business with the opportunity to grow and advance in ways that it might never have found possible previously.  By employing invoice factoring, a company’s outstanding invoices are sold and the money made […]


The main disadvantage of forex trading is that traders need to spend extended periods of time monitoring the market for the best entry and exit points and they could be sitting in front of a computer for hours just watching.  Automated orders, such as limits and stops can be set up, so that they do […]

You have supplied your goods or services and sent out your invoice, which includes the terms of payment, whether it is 30, 60 or 90 days credit.  Now all you can do is sit back and wait for the cheque to arrive, but what if your customer fails to pay on time? If you do […]

New traders are usually strongly advised to work out a strategy and stick to it when venturing into forex.  Seasoned forex traders and forex brokers tend to be very practised in this – the old business aphorism which states “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” is undoubtedly truer of the forex market […]