Invoice discounting is a way of raising money using your unpaid invoices.  It means that you avoid having to wait for the normal credit period of 30, 60 or 90 days before your customers have to pay the invoices. Using invoice discounting improves your cashflow, unlocks the money tied up in your invoices and gives […]

One of the best ways to make a success of forex trading is to use an automated forex trading system.  This is software that uses mathematical calculations which are designed to analyse the currency market, and this can help to bring in much more potential profit than if you were trading manually.  Using an automated […]

All businesses can expect to experience cash flow problems of some description, for a variety of reasons.  While it is natural for business owners to try and protect themselves from running into such problems, it is not always easy and companies can find themselves financially stretched when their debtors fail to pay on time.  This […]

Forex traders use three different types of charts – line, bar and candlestick.  In appearance each type of chart is very different, but once a trader has mastered the art of reading them they are easy to understand.  All forex software and forex trading platforms will offer charts. Forex Charts Every forex chart has a […]

For a newcomer to the forex trading market, a broker is essential.  A broker is a person or a company that will carry out transactions according to your wishes.  A broker is paid either by a fee or in commission on the profits that are made and all will have different requirements regarding minimum investment […]


Forex is one of the world’s largest trading markets and many people – both companies and individuals – see it as the ideal opportunity to make money as trading is relatively easy.  As a part-time home-based business, there are opportunities to make a great deal of money if you are patient, prepared to learn and […]

All businesses have bills, staff and taxes to pay, along with equipment and supplies to purchase and these costs often put a strain on a business’s liquidity.  It is for this reason that many businesses opt to employ the services of invoice factoring companies.  Factoring enables companies to have almost instant access to the money […]

There are a number of pitfalls for those participating in forex trading but, with a little careful planning, these can be avoided.  For example, many people will try to predict how the money market moves without focussing on the trend of the currency.  Those who can stick with this can end up making more money […]

Forex charts are exceptionally useful tools for forex brokers and experienced traders, and it is worth becoming familiar with some of them if you have any plans to try your hand in forex currency trading.  Successful traders are highly learned about the workings of the market, and frequently use technical indicators such as MACD and […]

Forex trading software is used to help the investor make informed decisions on which trades to make.  Forex signals can be generated using the forex trading software, which means wherever you are you will be alerted about potential lucrative trades. If you are new to using forex trading software it might be wise to learn […]