All Forex brokers should offer potential investors real-time quotes and quick entry and exit from the market, while most will also offer monthly upgrades of software, for a fee.  They should also provide integrated technical analysis and charting packages with their trading platforms, which will enable investors to efficiently trade Forex online.  Metatrader is one […]

It can hardly have escaped anyone’s attention that the world’s economies have been through an exceptionally turbulent period over the last two years, a fact which underlines a very important point for all who are considering trading on the foreign exchange market (forex): it is a risky place.  As a result, this is one market […]

Before they can start Fx trading, investors need to set up an account with a Forex broker.  A Forex broker is a company or individual that sells and buys in accordance with the trader’s instructions.  They make their money by charging a commission or a fee for the services they provide. Broker Regulation Choosing a […]

Trading Hours The Forex market operates virtually seamlessly for 24 hours a day, from 5:15 pm EST on Sundays to 4:00 pm EST on Fridays, allowing traders to customise their online Forex trading schedules to suit their personal preferences.  Trading in stocks, on the other hand, is not possible outside the market’s trading hours. Fees […]

Investing online has become the norm for investors and traders over the past decade with many, if not all brokers now offering online forex services with unique trading platforms. In previous times someone wanting to invest would have had to call a broker, usually on the telephone to give them their instructions but the coming […]

Any forex trader needs to understand some of the basic terms and expressions commonly used in the industry, of which the following are a brief summary. Shout Option refers to an option that allows the option holder to protect their current profit level while continuing to participate in the market movement of their original core […]


Since its introduction in 2002 in the form of bank notes and coins, the official currency of the Eurozone as it is known, is the Euro replacing the former unit of currency used by some of the members of the European Union, the ECU. Although not universally popular amongst the population, the Euro is now […]

The Foreign Exchange market, also referred to as the Forex, has a huge turnover with a daily average of around 1.8 trillion US dollars daily. Trading in this market or forex currency trading is becoming increasingly popular with speculators, both through large institutions and increasingly private investors. Speculating in forex currency trading is not difficult […]

Currency markets can be very volatile and the need to check on the movement of any currency which the investor is considering trading in, has to be carefully monitored. Currency foreign exchanges have to be accessed if a person’s investment is to be protected against possible losses. Many online institutions will provide the private investor […]