The foreign exchange, or forex, markets have become very popular places for savvy investors to either park some money or actively trade.  Unlike stock markets, the monetary markets are always open, since when one trading day is completed, another is just opening.  A bout of insomnia can be very profitable if you are familiar with […]

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Many people today are interested in the foreign exchange, or forex, markets.  However, entry into the markets can seem a bit daunting, as it’s fast-paced and has its own language, functions and traditions.  Learning all that from scratch can be a long, frustrating path that can also cost quite a bit of money, as learning […]

Forex robots and Forex automation are two hotly debated subjects in the global currency markets. There are many websites offering “guaranteed” Forex automation with a litany of success stories, while some veteran traders choose to ignore the systems entirely. Neither of these options is completely accurate and with many successful Forex traders reluctant to share […]


Forex trading, or FX trading as it is often called, involves the trading of one currency for another.  Generally, you purchase one currency with another, hold the purchased currency until the exchange rate is favourable, and then exchange it back to the first currency.  Forex trading software has opened up this investment option to individual […]

Forex traders essentially pursue the profits that can be made by buying and selling currencies following increases or decreases in exchange rates. Exchange rates change over time, whether on an hourly, daily, weekly or longer time frame basis. Publicly available information is the main factor affecting exchange rates, meaning in principle that anyone with ready […]


Once a potential investor knows what forex trading is, and what it entails, the question then becomes – why should they get involved? There are other investment opportunities, after all. Why should they choose forex trading? There are various reasons why, and various advantages that forex trading holds over other kinds of investment possibilities. Unlike […]

Just as traditional investors should research a stock or bond thoroughly before purchase, so should forex investors.  Luckily, most of today’s trading software includes helpful research tools; a wise investor will make full use of them.  Recognizing a good buy and understanding the price points that “tip” a good sale are critical to making profits […]


Forex robots are forex trading software programmes, which have been designed to assist currency trading. The idea is that the forex robot will make profitable trades the majority of the time, by eliminating the human error element. The forex robots interface directly with your chosen fx trading platform. Control is taken away from the individual […]

In the stock market, traders profit from the magnitude and frequency of fluctuations, most commonly known as volatility. Currency traders make profits due to the large volume of transactions in this market coupled with the small number of trading instruments and high liquidity. The profitability opportunities are such that a currency trader can effectively earn […]

The forex market is the largest global market, measured in terms of volume traded. Leading currencies traded are the US dollar, Japanese yen, the Euro and the UK pound sterling. Given ever increasing levels of Internet access, with forex platforms available online for instant trading, becoming an amateur forex online trader has never been easier. […]