Forex trading is just another name for foreign exchange trading and is the practice of buying and selling currencies. It is a popular market since a lot of people make a great deal of money using the forex system. In fact, every day this market experiences a turnover of $1.9 million and much of this […]

It has been said that “all wealthy traders use technical analysis, but not all technical analysis traders are wealthy.” Technical analysis is a powerful tool in forex trading, yet on its own it leaves some holes in the trading process. Trading forex can be a very volatile experience without proper data collection, analysis and practical […]


In order to start trading forex, each individual trader is required to register with a forex broker. This is a quick and simple process, but once you have registered you will then be able to buy and sell currency using that broker’s forex client programme. If you are new to forex, you may wonder who […]


One of the most important aspects of forex charts and forex day trading is the concept of foreign exchange options, which are generally shortened to simply fx options or currency options. They are nothing more than derivatives or financial instruments, which an owner can exchange for money. Specifically, they enable one currency to be exchanged […]


With the growing interest in personal online investing, a large number of investment and Forex news sources have emerged.  Like their traditional news counterparts, not all this information is reliable, and not all this information is even all that relevant to predicting future Forex market activity.  News companies do much of their work on a […]


Forex, the foreign exchange currency market is a catch all term for the worldwide exchange of foreign currency. It is among one of the largest open markets in the world, trading globally twenty-four hours per day across the globe. With the growth of the Internet and the free flow of information this market, once reserved […]


With the explosive growth of online investing and commodity trading, an increasing number of people have become interested in trading in the Foreign Exchange market.  While many book authors, Forex websites and con artists claim to have developed a perfect Forex trading system, most of these claims are unfounded and unproven.  While there is no […]

With the growth of the Internet and personal online investment opportunities, a number of Forex news sources have sprung up. As is the case with many news sources in other fields, not all the information being disseminated is reliable or even relevant to Forex markets. Many sources are not fact checked and sometimes are purely […]

The latest buzz in the realm of forex robots is neural networks. In essence, neural networks are an ‘artificial intelligence’ computer technology that is designed to interpret data in the same way that the human brain interprets its environment. Unlike traditional data structures neural networks take in multiple data streams and then outputs one result: […]

Managed Forex trading is a system designed much like modern mutual fund investments. In its purest sense, money invested in a managed Forex account is provided to a professional money manager in the expectation of gaining a sizable return on the investment. Most notably, managed Forex accounts are known for being diversified rather than put […]